Dentex Dental & Aesthetic Center
Our advantages
Modern equipment
Our clinic uses the latest dental equipment, which has all the necessary certificates and licenses.
Qualified dentists
Our specialists have a higher professional education, and are highly qualified.
The first consultation is free of charge
In our clinic, you can get your first consultation and diagnosis of the oral cavity for free, as well as discuss recommendations and possible treatment options.
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What are we doing?
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Dental Implants
The preferred choice for replacing missing teeth and restoring your smile and health. Our dental implants are made from high-tech.

Cosmetic Dentistry
Cosmetic Dentistry or Aesthetic Dentistry are dental procedures that are designed to improve the appearance of your teeth and your smile by lightening, reshaping, straightening, repairing or replacing teeth.
Teeth Whitening
Let us put the sparkle back into your smile! Our whitenings are both easy and non-invasive, and you can remove years of stain and color from your teeth in a single, one-hour treatment.

Dental Calculus
Teeth tartar, also called dental calculus, is a crusty deposit that can trap stains on the teeth and cause discoloration. It creates a strong bond that can only be removed by a dental professional in out dental Dentex clinic
Dental Care
The accumulation of plaque and calculus around the teeth and under the gums can cause a cascade of dental problems like tooth decay, gingivitis, bone loss, halitosis (bad breath), and eventually, tooth loss. Cleanings in Dentex rids the mouth of harmful bacteria and ensures you can enjoy a lifetime of exceptional oral
Root Canel
With innovative technology and skilled professionals at Dentex Dental, we can give you long-term relief with little to no pain

Our specialists work every day to provide the best service and make our customers happy.
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Ani A. Mamyan

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