About us
In 2014, ''Dentex Dental Group'' opened its hospitable doors to the public on the street. Hanrapetutyan 62/150 in Yerevan. The centre employs highly qualified professional masters (USA, Europe) who use new technologies to provide quality medical services in accordance with international standards.
During the first visit, visitors are provided with a free consultation, which includes a preliminary medical examination, if necessary, an orthopantomogram, as a result of which existing diseases of the oral cavity, damaged teeth are revealed, all information is saved in the digital version of the ''Open Dental'' program through a personal electronic folder. After each visit/treatment, the performed medical operations are updated in the folder, thus creating a personal ''medical history'' of the visitor, which is constantly updated and stored in our electronic database.
About us
In our work, we pay more attention to the disinfection process. Observing all sanitary standards, we ensure both a harmless treatment of the visitor and high quality of work of doctors. We disinfect instruments and equipment with well-known disinfectants, such as Aerodesin, Isorapid, Oralin, etc., and then we put the instruments in an autoclave, where they are thermally disinfected, which prevents the visitor from contamination with various diseases, such as tuberculosis, hepatitis A, B, C, HIV, etc.

It should be noted that visitors with hepatitis are served in a room with special tools.
The center also houses an orthopantomogram, which, in contrast to the targeted X-ray of an individual tooth, reflects panoramic digital X-rays, with the help of which doctors receive a complete picture of the condition of the visitor's two jaws, on the basis of which a further treatment strategy is selected.

In 2020, one of the above services was added - aesthetic and therapeutic cosmetology, as a result of which the centre was renamed to ''Dentex Dental & Aesthetic Center''.
After considering the work done by our specialists as an objective assessment of quality assurance, we provide our visitors with a ''Warranty Certificate'', which guarantees the high quality of the work done.

The clinic's specialists work according to international standards, in addition to being professionals in the field of dentistry, they also speak foreign languages, which makes it comfortable to work with foreign visitors within the framework of Dental-Tourism.

One of our advantages is honest work with all insurance companies in Armenia. Visitors with ''health insurance'', in addition to the above, have the opportunity to use services with a more flexible schedule.
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