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Surgical dentistry
Tooth extraction is one of the extreme methods of treatment, when it is no longer possible to save the tooth by other methods, or such a tooth can cause other, more serious complications. The reasons for tooth extraction are diverse. The candidates for removal are:
- Teeth that are severely damaged by caries, which cannot be restored by other methods;
- Teeth affected by periodontal disease (gum disease), because in advanced cases, the teeth begin to loosen;
- Broken teeth that cannot be repaired;
- Incorrectly positioned teeth in the dentition.

After the teeth are removed, defects form in the jaw, and the adjacent teeth begin to tilt in the direction of the resulting defect. The antagonist tooth from the opposite jaw begins to move towards the defect. This can all happen even with the removal of one tooth. These phenomena lead to the fact that the chewing process is disrupted, the chewing load in the corresponding area increases sharply. The usual state of the jaws is disturbed and malocclusion develops. And this can greatly affect the overall condition of the teeth. To avoid all these problems, in most cases, the dentist recommends restoring the defect. Replacement of the removed tooth with an artificial one is carried out with the help of bridges, implants, removable partial dentures.
Common causes of tooth extraction
Severe destruction;
Purulent process around the root of the tooth (cyst);
Tooth or root fracture;
If classical root canal treatment is not possible;
Features of dental surgery
Bad teeth.
Damaged root.
Incorrectly positioned teeth.
A dental cyst that grows and affects the periodontal tissue surrounding the diseased tooth
A broken molar.
Inflammatory process (periodontitis, phlegmon, etc.)
Prosthetics, implantation, soft tissue preparation.
Tooth extraction
This is a serious surgical procedure, so it is important to know that after tooth extraction, there is an individual healing period, when it is necessary to follow the recommendations of the dentist.
About Wisdom teeth

Operative removal of wisdom teeth is one of the most frequent operations in dental surgery. In most people, wisdom teeth erupt in adulthood (from 18 to 25 years). In 80% of cases, it is advisable to remove them.
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