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Many people come to the doctor in a state when it is no longer possible to postpone the visit, for example, when acute pain does not allow them to live their daily lives, and urgent help is required. But this is the wrong tactic, because to preserve the health of the teeth, you need to visit the dentist at least once a year. It seems that why go once again, if nothing bothers?
Orthopantomography or panoramic imaging is an X-ray examination of the upper and lower jaws, which also includes the maxillary joint, nasal cavities, etc.
Modern orthopantomographic images are digitized and stored for a long time.
A panoramic view is needed in all areas of dentistry. Digital orthopantomography also allows detailed examination of individual parts of the jaw.
The visible part of the tooth is less than 50% and the doctor can only assess what is happening in the gums, the bone mass inside the tooth by means of an X-ray. Dental orthopantomography helps dentists more accurately diagnose the problem, develop a clear treatment plan and monitor the result of caries treatment in hard-to-reach areas of the oral cavity, dental prosthetics, periodontitis treatment, occlusion correction, and wisdom teeth extraction.
Orthopantomogram is performed in both adult and pediatric dentistry.
Our Center has a unique opportunity to do orthopantomography, which will make your treatment with us even more affordable, fast and effective.
Why do I need a consultation?
The tooth can be saved if you detect caries at an early stage. This can only be done by a dentist, because there is no pain at this stage of caries does not deliver. But a doctor's examination and X-ray diagnosis allows you to notice hidden caries and cure it painlessly, even before more drastic measures are required.

That is why it is so important to consult a dentist regularly, even in cases where nothing bothers you. If you treat diseases of the oral cavity before the appearance of pain, therapy is guaranteed not to cause unpleasant sensations, and treatment will be cheaper.
Toothache is a sign of serious problems
The pain indicates a serious lesion of the tooth, that the inflammation has spread to the dental pulp (dental nerve). Inflamed pulp causes excruciating pain, which increases especially at night. While the caries gets to the nerve, it manages to significantly affect the tooth. The outer layer (tooth enamel) is destroyed, as well as the inner dentin under it. In such cases, when the patient gets to the dentist, the amount of work increases and the chances of maintaining dental health with smaller interventions decrease.

In the best case, if the tooth is affected by less than half, the doctor can remove the inflamed nerve and seal the tooth. But, in most cases, when the doctor notices an inflamed pulp, the dental crown is affected by more than 50% , and in such cases, the restoration of the tooth can only be carried out by installing the crown, and this is a more expensive procedure than filling.
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