ELOS hair removal is a modern technique that allows you to effectively remove unwanted hair on the body and face. The procedure is carried out quickly enough and is safe for the patient, but some preparation for ELOS epilation is necessary. It is also necessary to take into account contraindications before conducting a session.
What to do after ELOS hair removal
Use a cosmetic tanning product.
Take a hot shower or bath (if the body has been treated).
Keep treated skin out of direct sunlight.
Go to the solarium for 14 days.
Wash your face with hot water (if treating your face), it is better to use lukewarm water.
Use gommages and scrubs with abrasive particles.
What you need to do before ELOS epilation
A ban on sunbathing, as well as visiting a solarium for 14 days before hair removal (this is associated with a decrease in the effectiveness of the procedure and the risk of getting a burn).
Refusal from chemical peels for the period from 3 days before the procedure.
Shaving the area that will be treated with the ELOS machine 1 day before the session (you can shave only with an ordinary razor, DO NOT do depilation, sugaring, use an electric epilator, pluck hairs).
How is ELOS hair removal performed?
To understand how ELOS hair removal is performed, you need to understand the peculiarities of the equipment operation. A special device acts only on the hairs, without damaging the skin, which excludes burns, damage to moles, etc. The desired result is achieved by combining light and heat - the hair heats up to a certain temperature, the hair follicle is destroyed, then the turn of the current comes.

Many patients are interested in how ELOS hair removal is in terms of painful sensations. Discomfort is minimized - thanks to the built-in cooling system in the hair remover. In the process of how ELOS epilation is done, tingling sensations may occur. At the beginning of the procedure, you can feel a hot "pinch", but it quickly passes, then the patient just feels warm.
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