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The term "endodontics" is derived from the Greek words endo, meaning "inside" and odontos, meaning tooth. Thus, the endodontist's job is to treat the inside of the teeth.

Often, the goal of endodontic treatment is to preserve the tooth. Instead of simply removing a diseased or damaged tooth, the endodontist eliminates the infection and removes the caries-affected tissue and protects the inside of the tooth from further damage. The most famous endodotic procedure is root canal treatment.
Goals of endodontic treatment
Removal of infected tissues
(dentin and pulp) from the periapical tissues and root canal.
Preparation of the root canal for its further filling.
Performing the root canal filling procedure.
  • All manipulations are performed under local anesthesia. The tooth to be treated is prepared, the pulp affected by caries is removed from it, after which the channels are cleaned to ensure free access of dental instruments.
  • Root canals are mechanically treated and chemically disinfected.
  • For mechanical processing of root canals, special tools are used — files, they are somewhat similar to a needle with a rough surface that resembles a saw. Files vary in size, length, and taper. Since the entire root canal must be treated along its entire length, up to the apical opening (but in no case beyond it), it is extremely important to know its length. To do this, the dentist puts the files in the root canals and makes an X-ray.
  • After that, chemical disinfection is carried out by irrigation of the root canals with special needles.
  • When the channels are completely dry, you can start filling them. For this purpose, gutta-percha and pastas are most often used. Gutta-percha is a cone-shaped rubber rod that is coated with a paste and placed in the root canal. Then a temporary filling is placed on the tooth, which is replaced with a permanent one at the next appointment.

Tooth destroyed by caries, inflamed pulp
Mechanical treatment of root canals with a tool file
Filling of gutta-percha channels, filling of the tooth with a temporary and then permanent filling
For further protection, the tooth can be covered with a porcelain crown
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