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This is a procedure performed in the office of a dentist or dental hygienist. During the procedure, tartar is removed, soft and pigmented plaque is cleaned, and the surfaces of teeth and fillings are polished.

This procedure helps to cope with inflammation, bad breath, bleeding gums and sensitive teeth. During the procedure, individual oral hygiene products are selected, patients are trained to properly brush their teeth and take care of them.
Signs of good oral hygiene:
      Your teeth are clean, there is no food residue
      The gums are pink, do not hurt and do not bleed when brushing with a toothbrush and flossing
      Do not bleed when brushing with a toothbrush and flossing
      No bad breath
      When is it necessary to perform a professional cleaning?
      Hygiene is necessary primarily for preventive purposes. In order for the teeth to always be in good condition, and germs do not develop, it is necessary to visit a dental hygienist at least 2 times a year. If you want to perform orthodontic treatment, then to consolidate the result, you need to visit a specialist about 3-4 times in 3 months.

      Professional dental care is most favorable to carry out before you decide on their treatment, because it will be easier to choose the shade of your natural enamel. This procedure guarantees the improvement of not only the enamel, but also the gums.
      In many cases, periodontal diseases often go unnoticed, which means that the symptoms may not be obvious until there are significant changes.

      The periodontium unites the tissues that surround the tooth and hold it in the bone tissue of the jaws. Periodontal pathologies, in which the connection of the jaw bone tissue with the roots of the teeth is gradually destroyed, are very common today. And when the age of a person reaches 35 years, the signs of these diseases, although to varying degrees, are present in almost everyone. It is important to remember that early diagnosis and timely treatment can completely cure the disease. But if you start treatment when the pathology has taken a severe form, you can only stop its further development, and also avoid a repeat of exacerbations.
      The signs of periodontitis include:
      - Bad breath
      - Bleeding gums when brushing teeth or spontaneously
      - Denudation of the root of the tooth
      - The appearance of space between the gum and the root
      - mobility of the tooth, changing its position
      - suppuration from the pocket, swelling of the gums.
      Unique method - ultrafine influence of Air Flow
      This technique consists in the fact that the dental hygienist directs a jet of aerosol, which contains an abrasive agent together with water. This technique is most effective for smokers and indefatigable coffee drinkers. During the procedure, the teeth begin to gradually acquire a natural shade. So, you have the opportunity to lighten your teeth by a tone or two.
      Note. All these methods can be used by doctors both separately and in combination as an enhanced therapy.

      Advantages of professional cleaning
      • This procedure is absolutely painless
      • Does not take a little time
      • Along with enhanced therapy, this method is preventive against such common diseases as periodontitis and caries. In addition, professional hygiene effectively eliminates bleeding and unpleasant odors
      • The procedure is absolutely safe and harmless to the composition of the enamel. In addition, it does not adversely affect prostheses or fillings
      • This effective action gives the teeth a lightening of several tones due to the" removal " of plaque, and also gives an incomparable feeling of freshness.

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