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Implantology is a field of dentistry that aims to restore the tooth root by implanting an implant in the bone as a support for the prosthesis. Currently, this is the best dental treatment option that dentistry can offer. However, before deciding on implantation, the patient should understand all the pros and cons of this technique, be warned about contraindications and possible complications after surgery. It is important to know that the success of treatment depends not only on the experience of the doctor, it consists of many factors: responsible preparation of the patient, the correct choice of the implant and crown, implantation technique, individual characteristics of the body.
It is recommended to resort to implantation if the patient has one of the following problems during the diagnosis:
    Loss of one or more teeth
    Destroyed teeth that cannot be restored and need to be removed
    Loss of functionality of the dentition and violation of the aesthetics of the smile
    The need for the most functional and aesthetic prosthetics
    The inability to use removable dentures, due to the peculiarities of the profession, intolerance to acrylic plastic, the presence of a gag reflex to a foreign body in the oral cavity.
    Implantation of implants allows you to:
    • Restore a lost tooth without turning the adjacent ones.
    • Install a non-removable prosthesis.
    • Provide a secure fixation of the removable prosthesis.
    What are the benefits of zirconia abutments
    Increased wear resistance
    Biocompatibility and hypoallergenic
    Сomfort of operation
    Long service life
    Advantages of implantation
    A few years ago, the most common ways to restore the dentition were considered removable dentures and dental bridges. However, removable dentures cause unpleasant sensations of a foreign body and cause a lot of inconvenience, and the installation of a dental bridge is accompanied by grinding of adjacent teeth, which contributes to their rapid failure. Implantation makes it possible to replace lost teeth without grinding and additional processing of adjacent teeth. The implant can be installed anywhere in the dentition and fill in missing teeth at different lengths. Implantology allows you to restore the functions of even a completely toothless jaw, so you can permanently abandon the removable prosthesis. This method preserves not only the bone tissue, but also removes excessive load from the adjacent teeth during the meal. Implantation is an absolutely painless and non-traumatic procedure, and implants can last many times longer than dental bridges or teeth under the crown.

    Implantation completely restores the chewing function, while other methods, one way or another, put certain restrictions on the intensity of the use of prostheses and bridges. The implant is absolutely no different from the natural tooth and does not cause any discomfort-neither functional nor aesthetic. The cost of a dental implant and, in general, the prices for implantation are higher than traditional methods of restoring the dentition. However, if you compare the cost of regular visits to the dentist to eliminate problems with the dental bridge or prosthesis, the cost of the implant is justified in all respects. If you are interested in implantation, you can check the prices in our clinic, as well as learn more about the qualifications and capabilities of our doctors specializing in implantology.
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