Injection cosmetology is beauty injections that allow, by introducing a special apparatus, to significantly rejuvenate and improve the skin of the face.
The most common mesotherapy technique is nappage, which implies the introduction of the drug by injections under the skin in small doses through an equal small distance between injections - no more than 1 cm.At the same time, the angle of inclination of the syringe is 40 degrees to the skin surface. Effectiveness after the session - tissue hydration.
Botulinum therapy is a procedure for injecting a botulinum toxin (botulinum toxin) type A. Injections of this toxin relax the muscles, thus smoothing out wrinkles. No new wrinkles appear in the injection zone during the period of its action.
Fillers are innovative cosmetic products that are used as a corrector for the skin and subcutaneous tissues of the face. With the help of a filler injection, you can remove wrinkles, increase the volume of the lips, chin, cheekbones, that is, correct or emphasize individual facial contours.
Lipolytics are body shaping drugs that are widely used in cosmetology. They are injected under the skin (by injections of the finest needles) and allow you to remove fat deposits on the abdomen, thighs, face, neck, arms, décolletéЛиполитики – это препараты для коррекции фигуры, которые широко используются в косметологии. Они вводятся под кожу инъекционно (уколами тончайших игл) и позволяют убрать отложения жира на животе, бедрах, лице, шее, руках, в зоне декольте
Alopecia treatment
Alopecia areata refers to total or partial hair loss. If you notice that your hair is thinning, contact your doctor immediately: the earlier you start therapy, the better. The DENTEX PLUS clinic offers several modern and effective procedures for the treatment of alopecia.
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