Peeling is a procedure to remove the upper stratum corneum of the skin. The procedure affects the layers of the epidermis, removing the upper layer of the dermis. This is a skin exfoliation technique that accelerates skin regeneration. Peeling removes blackheads, improves complexion and revitalizes the skin.
Yellow peeling
Chemical peeling
Chemical peeling - controlled damage to the skin using chemical formulations to correct aesthetic imperfections. The procedure allows you to solve a wide range of problems - to eliminate acne and scars, wrinkles, age spots and other age-related changes.
Mechanical peeling
What is mechanical peeling? Mechanical face cleansing - a procedure in which light, superficial resurfacing of the face skin is performed, similar to how a master grinds a rough surface to make it smooth
Coral peeling
Coral peeling is a mechanical cleansing of the face by rubbing a mixture with coral particles into the skin.
Regularly carrying out such a procedure will return the skin to softness, velvety, elasticity, help get rid of wrinkles, skin rashes, tighten the oval of the face and give radiance. Clients of cosmetology centers love the procedure for its safety, simplicity and lack of a recovery process.
Almond peeling
Almond peel is a superficial chemical peel with mandelic acid. It is so delicate and gentle that it does not give visible flaking and is suitable even for very sensitive skin. Almond peeling can be performed at any time of the year and for any skin type.
Enzyme peeling
Enzyme peeling is a cosmetic procedure during which the stratum corneum of the epidermis is exfoliated under the influence of enzymes of animal, plant or microbial origin. In fact, it is a form of chemical exfoliation. Enzyme compounds work more delicately than acid ones, and therefore they can be used by women with sensitive and thin skin.
Yellow peeling
Yellow peeling is a chemical superficial-median peeling aimed at skin rejuvenation, lifting, wrinkle removal, age spots removal and acne treatment. It got its name from the yellow color of the skin during the procedure. This peeling is also called retinoic peeling, as it contains retinoic acid. The main advantage of yellow peeling over other chemical peels is high efficiency, low trauma, no negative sensations during the procedure, and high safety.
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