Dental orthopedics
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Restoration of teeth and dentition with removable and non-removable structures
People lose the teeth given by nature during life for various reasons: age, diseases, maxillofacial injuries, etc. Our clinic offers to restore the functional and aesthetic appearance of the teeth, while maintaining the health of the oral cavity.
Absolute indications for the placement of crowns.
Tissues are more than 70% damaged. This mainly applies to teeth from which the nerves have been removed and filled with dental fillings. Defective tooth tissue becomes brittle and breaks down quickly.
Presence of dental abnormalities that cannot be restored - one or more teeth should be removed. It also includes the growth of dental pathologies, which leads to the appearance of speech defects, the development of an incorrect bite.
In the case of bridges or clasp prostheses, the crown is placed on the abutment teeth. ...
The need for tooth restoration with implants.
Complete dentures
To this day, removable structures remain the main available option for restoring missing teeth. Modern prostheses are made from the latest polymers: soft, hypoallergenic, hard (acrylic, nylon).
Removable partial dentures
These types of dentures are used to correct defective dentures when not all, but most of the teeth are missing. Partially removable dentures are usually made of plastic and are attached to the remaining teeth using stainless steel hooks
Zirconium implant crown
Having the advantages of a metal-ceramic crown, but not having disadvantages, it is more aesthetic. Crowns do not have a metal structure, they easily resist chewing load, therefore they can be used as a crown for any teeth in a row, a wide range of colors and transparency, full biocompatibility, hypoallergenic, poor thermal conductivity / the patient will not be hypersensitive to cold and hot food / does not touch the abutment and gently attaches to the gum.
Metal-ceramic crowns
Currently the most common because it is relatively affordable. The crown is made of metal coated with a ceramic layer. The porcelain-fused-to-metal crown is placed on a metal abutment and a titanium post.
Ceramic crown
It does not have a metal frame, it is completely made of ceramic casting. Ceramic has beautiful aesthetic properties, is biologically inert, but has greater fragility than a metal-ceramic crown.
Benefits of Zirconium Implant Crowns
Crowns made of zirconium dioxide are one-piece cast - like ceramics, they are metal-free.
High degree of strength. They easily withstand the chewing load and can be used to replace chewing teeth.
Lightweight compared to porcelain fused to metal crowns. They do not create additional stress on the gums.
Naturalness of color and transparency, as close as possible to a natural tooth.
Complete biocompatibility and hypoallergenicity due to the absence of metal components.
Weak thermal conductivity. The patient will not have hypersensitivity to cold and hot food.
Does not chip or grind.
The thin framework fits snugly with the abutment and fits perfectly to the gum.
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