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Pediatric dentistry is a special area of medicine. Small patients require a thoughtful and delicate approach, do not tolerate mistakes on the part of the doctor. If you are worried about how a child will perceive a doctor's appointment-you can not worry, family dentistry No. 1 "Dentex Dental & Aesthetic Center" takes care of patients of all ages, so it offers very comfortable conditions for children and the most careful approach.

A systematic visit to a pediatric dentist will help prevent the appearance of dangerous diseases, as well as choose the appropriate oral care in accordance with age, because the care of baby teeth and their delicate enamel is different from the care for adults.
We have everything for comfortable treatment of young patients:
Attentive and experienced specialists
Pain-free treatment
Contactless and silent treatment technology
Reception without tears
Types of services
Treatment of caries
Removal of baby teeth
Training in the basics of hygiene and oral care
Dental plaque removal, professional cleaning and fluoridation
Elimination of inflammation in the oral cavity
How to prepare a child for dental treatment?
Calm down
Yes, the days when the dentist was a cross between an inquisitor and a babaika, terrifying all children, are long gone. Now, thanks to modern dental facilities and good anesthesia, dental treatment is absolutely painless. Remember this, and your confidence will be passed on to the child.
Never scare your child with dentists
Remember: pain in the teeth is a consequence of caries and its complications (especially if you abuse sweets and do not brush your teeth). And a dentist is a doctor who relieves pain (makes sure that the teeth do not get sick).
Do not deceive the child
Of course, it is much easier to drag the child to the clinic and sit in a chair with the words "you will not do anything", but what will happen then? If the child is frightened and deceived, any intervention will be perceived as violence and will remain in the memory of a nightmare. Next time, he won't come voluntarily.
Explain everything and warn in advance what is waiting for the child.
The unknown is always frightening. Even kids can easily explain what they will do, avoiding "scary" words. For example, they will not make a "prick", but "inflate the ball" or "freeze" the tooth. The doctor does not" drill", but" vacuumes", or" expels the worm", which is started in the mouth and bites the teeth. Here you can let your imagination run wild. Rest assured, the doctor will always be happy to support your story.
It is easier to prevent than to treat. The more often you visit the dentist, the less you will need to treat your teeth. It is much easier to heal a small carious "hole" before it turns into pulpitis or periodontitis.
It is very good when the child's acquaintance with dentists occurs gradually, while nothing hurts yet.
First — home games in the dentist and the corresponding cartoons (for example, about Peppa Pig). Then-a preventive examination — the child gets used to the chair and the atmosphere of the clinic, and then, if necessary, treatment.
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